Friday, July 3, 2015

More About ISTE

I saw this on Twitter and it completely sums up my week in Philadelphia at ISTE.

I've got a Garmin Vivosmart tracker, and when I hit 20,000 steps one day, this is what I saw.

Friends, it was crazy! And honestly, these pictures aren't worth a thousand words, because they really don't tell the whole story. But here's a peek into the activity at the Pennsylvania Conference Center.

There were 21, 000 attendees there, and the hallways were always packed with people. I took these pictures on the first day, when it was not as crowded!

I saw and learned a ton. There were several different formats for sharing information. I attended some lectures, some interactive lectures, some hands-on Bring Your Own Device sessions, and I went to nearly every poster session. I hung out in the Blogger's Cafe and I went to the Playgrounds. It was a lot to process, and today I've been trying to sort out all my notes and photos and links and QR codes. It will probably take me several days.

One of my favorite sessions was with an amazing art teacher from Australia, Cathy Hunt. Oh, good heavens! Not only was the content of her session completely useful, but she was hilarious. Her sessions was called "Easy Peasie Stop-Motion Movies for Learning on iPad." Cathy was an excellent teacher, and I will definitely be making stop-motion movies with my students.

Another favorite was a great session at one of the Interactive Playgrounds. The Playgrounds were in some open "overlook" areas at the Convention Center, and there was always something going on there. It was set up so that people could wander through, watch a little, and then move on whenever they were ready. Sometimes there were hands-on things to do, and other times, there were demonstrations, like the one on using green screens in video by Conni Mulligan. She explained things very clearly, and I'm eager to work on some videos!

I ordered a "Studio in a Box," that contains tripods and green screen and some other gadgets. As soon as it arrives, I'll start making samples!

And in between all the great learning, all 21,000 of us headed across the street to the Reading Terminal Market for coffee and lunch and dinner and snacks. The Reading Terminal Market is full of tiny little restaurants and shops. There's an oyster bar (not my thing!) and smoothie shops and candy stores and organic vegetable stands. There's at least one butcher shop, tons of bakeries, and you can buy pizza or sandwiches or salads or jams or fudge or whole pies!

In the movie "National Treasure," Abigail and Riley ran into the Market, trying to escape the bad guys. Abigail ducked behind a counter there.

The Market is portrayed accurately in the movie: there are lots of rows of shops, it's crowded with people, and the whole place is filled with a kind of frenetic excitement. I loved it!

I bought fruit at one of the little produce stands, and I sampled a Cheesesteak from Carmen's.

I walked by Bieler's and watched them make donuts before deciding to take the plunge.

Beiler's was featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, and that cinnamon donut was without a doubt the best donut I've ever had anywhere. Ever. WOW.  It was light, fluffy, and without even a hit of greasy oil taste. It was so good, in fact, that I decided to buy a dozen to bring home for my family. It was perhaps not my best idea, because this is what they looked like when we opened the box in California. Haha!

They ate them anyway!

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