Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's for Your Own Good

I really hate to bring this subject up, but I think it has to happen.

School is going to start again, and we are all going to need supplies.

Ouch. I know.

I'm sorry.

But really, it's for your own good. Start thinking about supplies now, and watch the ads... because the school supply stores are already getting started.

I went to Target yesterday. There were big signs indicating that they had school supplies. Good heavens those signs were huge! You could see them from nearly every place in the store. But when I got up close, right under the signs, there weren't any school supplies there. It looks like they are getting ready, but they didn't unpack the boxes, yet. Whew. I bought my favorite Lara Bars and some Neutrogena face wash and got the heck out of there!

Next, I walked into the Staples right next door. Truly, I was going in search of one of those mini office supply kids (the kind that has a stapler, tiny tape, and some tiny supplies that you can fit in your pocket) for personal use, and I really wasn't ready for the school supply frenzy that was there. Aisles packed with people, school supplies on the floor, and full carts all around: Can you see it?

I looked at Flair pens (not a great deal), Expo markers (also not that great a deal), and Mr. Sketch Markers (regular price.) Notice a theme? I was about to leave when I saw the huge display of spiral notebooks. There were so many colors this year, not like the usual red-navy-dark green-yellow. Pink! purple! Orange! Turquoise! And guess what?! Twenty-five cents each! So I bought some. True, they might have some for one cent later, but I decided that this was a good enough price (and stocking up now means I can cross it off my list.)

I also picked up some Tichonderogas, including a pack of the colorful ones. I wish I weren't so picky, but these are the only pencils that don't jam my sharpener, and they last a long time.

And I got a giant pack of Post-It notes, and that's all.

So! There will be lots and lots of deals on supplies in the coming weeks. My recommendation? Go to your local store's website and click on the "Weekly Ad" button to browse the deals. It's worth a few minutes of time to check for the bargains, and you don't even have to go to the store unless there's something there that you need or that has a "too good to pass up" price. Be sure to compare the different stores in your area, because sometimes it's hard to tell what is actually a good price.

And one last note. It's been my experience that store brand glue and glue sticks are absolutely not worth the hassle, even if they're priced at one cent. "Stick" with Elmer's if you can.

After you're done shopping, go get a tea or a frappuccino, hit the park or lake or beach, and continue to enjoy this wonderful season! Summer will fly by!

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