Monday, June 29, 2015

ISTE 2015

I'm at the annual International Society of Technology Educators annual conference, and it is great! There is so much that I have to share with all my teacher friends, both at school and here on the blog.

I flew from LAX to Philadelphia on a red-eye, so I was I bit bleary-eyed when I arrived yesterday. However, there wasn't really time to rest or think too much. I rode the train from the airport to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and the action started. I took this photo with my iPhone 5 and the Ollo Clip lens that I bought last summer.

Yesterday I went to a session called "Ignite." During this session, several presenters were given five minutes (and 20 power point slides!) to share an idea with the audience. The topics ranged from social issues to educational ideas to global citizenship. I loved the fast pace and wide range of subjects.

I did a little hanging out at the Blogger's Cafe, and met some fascinating educators. I had fun chatting with Brian Crosby, from Nevada, about his STEM project. It definitely inspired me to think about a really big project for my little STEM school. Here's a link to Brian's project.

High Hopes Project

And I met Cathy Brophy, a delightful lady who works for one of my favorite companies, Heinemann. We chatted about Lucy Calkins and Jennifer  Serravallo's new book, and we discussed our love of reading and writing instruction. What a treat for me!

And friends, I have more to share from yesterday. And more to share from today. And there are books to discuss and apps to talk about and videos to watch and stories to tell.

But I'm exhausted, and I've got another day of inspiration and education tomorrow, so I had best be getting some sleep! We will talk more soon!

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