Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's been a wild month.

The three weeks of school were filled with a huge range of things... charming children, cranky children, fabulous literature, fun projects... I had several sub days for a variety of things: meetings, planning for presentations, and orthodontist for my own kiddo. Every day in the classroom was busy, and every evening at home was busy. I KNOW you get it!

So the month flew by.

At school, my students practiced for our Holiday Music Medley, and we made decorations!

They made the gifts for their families. The calendars turned out adorable, as they always do, and my students were thrilled with the results and so proud to take them home. It's not too late to make them! This calendar would be a great project for January. Get it HERE.

It was my schools' turn to decorate the city library, so we created some cool mixed-media snowman art using liquid watercolor, tempera, and paper.

We participated in Hour of Code!

Students had tons o'fun with the holiday word work I created.

We wrote letters to Santa. Haha! Is this priceless or what?!

We had a fabulously fun morning of crafts!

I did report cards LIKE A NINJA.

My amazing room moms put together a sweet, but-not-too-crazy holiday party, and they included lots of Pinterest-inspired healthy foods!

And we made some awesome rainbow snowflakes, which will decorate our classroom through January, since there's not a chance we will get any real snow!

It was a busy three weeks!

And before I knew it, it was Winter Break! Yahoo! So many plans... shopping, baking, reading, sewing, prep for a professional development presentation I'll be giving in January, work on some curriculum projects, and sleep. What I had in mind was a perfect combination between relaxation and productivity!

And so, on the first day of break, the Hubs and I hopped into the car with our son to take him to meet his friends for a fun, three-day cruise to Mexico. I was so thrilled for him. Nothin' but good times with some old friends!

Well, it wasn't to be. On the way there-- in fact, just 4 miles from the drop-off place-- our car was hit by a drunk driver. It was terrifying. TERRIFYING, I tell you. Tons of people stopped to help us, leave their names and numbers, and talk to the California Highway Patrol.  WE SURVIVED. The paramedics, CHP officers, passersby, ER docs and nurses... everyone was just wonderful. Though worried about my family, and in quite a lot of pain, I moved quickly from the "what-a-pain-what-a-hassle-why-us" thinking to "omiword-I-cannot-believe-how-lucky-we-are-and-who-cares-about-Christmas-shopping-or-presents-or-anything-besides-keeping-the-people-I-love-safe."

So my goals for the break have changed. Recovery is number one! We got a triple serving of concussions over here, so we're dealing with that. And shopping and baking? It will wait. I'm still hoping to get some time to read and prep, but we need a new car and lots of rest.

Life can change in an instant. Hug your families and be careful out there on the roads!

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