Monday, December 1, 2014

December? Already?

Hello Sweet Friends! Long time no blog!

Because ... life got complicated. We moved. The long story is... well... unbelievably long. So I'll tell you the short version. This 400-mile move made life really complicated for five months.

But we're finally settled in our new house. The Hubs is busy with his job, our children are in school, and I have a delightful group of students (YES! I got a new job!) I've found the outlet mall, Starbuck's, Barnes and Noble, and Whole Foods. Things are getting better all the time!

We had a lovely, long, Thanksgiving weekend with family. We ate delicious things, laughed like crazy, and decorated the Christmas tree. I ordered Christmas cards, unpacked a few boxes, and spent some time on the couch reading. Life is good.

I'm getting in to the swing of things at my new school. My students are adorable and eager to learn. One precious girl said to me today, "My favorite game to play at home is 'Mrs. Franke.' So if you're ever sick, I'll take over. I'm your mini-me!" Gotta love my little darlings!

I just packed up all these Thanksgiving books, and got out the books that are appropriate for December. We're reading about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, reindeer, gingerbread, and snow. My class is involved in a holiday performance, we've got parent gifts to make, and there are only fourteen more days until Winter Break! Today we started making our gingerbread glyphs, and read gingerbread books. We'll be talking about books, writing about books, and doing lots of activities to go along with them.

Which reminds me... There is a big Cyber Monday Sale today and tomorrow and these little gingerbread gems are ready to go! Click on the cover pictures to get them!

Happy Monday! 

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