Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happiness Is A Vacation

So the Hubs travels for work. Thankfully, he's not always traveling, but he probably takes one business trip each month. In fact, I did another early morning airport drop off just the other day. There's a new tower under construction in San Francisco!

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I always feel a little jealous when he goes. I love flying, I love airports, and I love a good adventure. I don't care where he's going... Minnesota, Southern California, Switzerland, Korea, Denmark, Chicago, Austria... it all sounds good! The first trip he took that I really wanted to go on was to Paris. Alas, I was eight-and-a-half months pregnant and had three small children. So that was a no go. He brought back pictures he'd taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower and a beautiful Limoges box, I went into labor soon afterward, and life went on.

A few years ago, he went to Denmark. He took lots of pictures of The Little Mermaid scuplture in Copenhagen (I have a thing for mermaids!) and brought back some treats and life went on.

I should say that he rarely does anything but work while traveling. He eats most of his dinners in the hotel restaurant or orders room service, and works like crazy. He has meetings all day and usually into the night. Occasionally, there will be a fancy dinner in the city and time for a quick walk, but he's not really there for fun. No matter. When he gets home, I always say, "How was your vacation?"

So... late in May during his first email check at 6am one morning, he found out that he had meetings in Austria. "Aaaaawwww," I whined. "I wish I could go!" About three hours later (during the school day) he sent me a text: "Flight confirmed." He'd bought a ticket for me! His meetings started three days after school ended, so for once, I could go along!

It took an epic proportion of logistical gymnastics to pull it all together on very short notice. We still have those four children, though they are not all children anymore, and there was planning to do in the kid department. There were pets to consider, cameras, computers, report cards to finish, and my classroom to pack up! Miraculously, it all got done, and instead of the usual drop off at SFO, we parked the car and got on the plane together. Bliss.

Austria was beautiful. I visited museums and palaces and ate Austrian food and wished I spoke German. I rode a train (all by myself since the Hubs was working) to Salzburg and visited Mozart's house and saw places where The Sound of Music was filmed. I admired the Vienna Opera House and St. Stephen's Cathedral, and traveled all over Vienna on the U Bahn. I took a day trip to Budapest and added Hungary to the list of places I've been.































Far too soon, it was time to head home. But there was "icing," as the Hubs called it. We had a very long layover in London, and we got to ride the London Eye and see Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and Buckingham Palace.










I loved it all! So much! I was just so excited the whole time! I kept saying to myself, "Omigosh! I'm in Europe!"

And I did think about teaching and my students and how exciting it was for me to be out seeing new places and learning new things. More than a few times I thought of my English Language Learners when I couldn't understand the German that most people were speaking or I looked at a menu, unable to make any meaning of it. I thought of new experiences and communicating with new people and asking questions and making connections to things I already knew and places I'd already been.

I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to go with the Hubs, though he did work most of the time. I feel newly inspired, reinvigorated, and refreshed.

Time to get going on the stack of professional books!

Happy Summer, Friends!

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