Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Busiest Time of the Year

Forget the December holidays! Christmas? Small potatoes compared to how busy I am now.

It's nearly the end of the year. We have four more days of school, and I still have a bazillion things to do!

My students are working on memory books. For several days, we have reviewed one month per day. We started with the beginning of the school year, August. I showed students pictures that I had taken during August, and we talked about what we had done, topics we studied, and birthdays that we celebrated. Then students wrote about August. The next day, we did September. And the October, November... The students have had a ton of fun remembering our year! And one little darling even said, "Mrs. Franke, you're just bringing back so many great memories!"




My Memory Book is posted in my TpT store. It's got a page for every month of the school year, plus a few extra goodies.










We've also been counting down the last ten days with a fun activity each day. We've had two field trips, some chalk fun, extra recess, and one day we moved our reading time outside. Another day, students got to bring their stuffed "friends" from home. The stuffed animals stayed on students desks all day. It was amazing how wonderful this was... students were completely joyful! So fun... a big thrill for my kiddos, and no work at all for me!



Next week is our last week of school. We'll be meeting with our fifth grade buddies for the last time, having an afternoon of bubbles (Don't tell! It's a surprise!), cleaning desks with shaving cream, signing autograph books, and doing a fun popsicle writing and eating activity.

I have a ton of work to do to get my room ready for the summer. Lots of packing and moving and organizing. But the good news is that after it's done... it's summer! On my first day of summer, I'm going to the Harker Teacher Institute. I'm excited to spend the day sharing with other technology-loving teachers! And then on the second day of summer, I'm going to Europe. That's right, my summer is starting with a big bang! Later in the summer, I'll be working on math curriculum, going to the California Summit for Education (Google!), spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, rock climbing, and doing plenty of reading for fun!

Once school is out and I'm back from vacation, I'll be spending some time refining a few units and creating several new things. First Grade Common Core Essential Questions posters are on the way, as well as my gigantic Sight Word Success unit. Need labels for your classroom? Bees, ladybugs, robots, cool cat, owls, monkeys, colorful birds and celebration theme are all available in my TpT store. Not quite what you need? Frogs/toads and pirates will be there soon. Are you still looking for a different theme? Let me know and I'll create it!

Happy June, Friends! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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