Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Marble Jar Was Full... So We Painted Cupcakes!

We have a marble jar in our classroom. The class can earn five marbles when everyone comes into the room quietly after recess. They earn ten marbles for perfect behavior at an assembly. If a teacher in the hallway makes a comment about how nicely they are walking in a line or how well they are behaving, they can earn another ten marbles. I also drop in a few marbles whenever I notice everyone working quietly. Not often, I tell you... but it does happen!

When the jar is full of marbles, the students get a treat or prize of some kind. Often, I show a movie and use my air popper to make popcorn (no butter, so it's super quick and easy.) But with all the rainy days and indoor recesses in the last few weeks, I've shown a few movies. So this time, I wanted to do something different.

I decided to combine an art lesson with a treat!

Last night, I bought some teeny, tiny, plain, white cupcakes and used a spray bottle full of food coloring mixed with water to brighten them up. I also added tons of sprinkles.


Today at school, I showed a powerpoint about Wayne Thiebaud. Wayne Thiebaud is a California artist who worked for Disney early in his career, before becoming a professor at the University of California, Davis (Go Ags!)  Many of his works focus on desserts or diner foods. After the students and I discussed some facts about Wayne Thiebaud's life, and looked at some of his paintings in this book, we talked about painting cupcakes!

Vision and Revision




I gave a quick lesson on the logistics of liquid watercolor paints, and outlined a few rules (no one stands or walks--everyone sits while the paint is out!) Then my students got to work! The results were incredible!












IMG_2729When it was all over, the students took their cupcakes outside and ate them at recess. So sweet!

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