Thursday, February 27, 2014

Presidents and USA Symbols and New Dr. Seuss Math and Literacy Unit

Happy Friday Eve!

We have been studying some presidents and learning about USA symbols this week. Today we focused on George Washington. We read some great books, gathered information, discussed... it was very productive!

George Washington's Teeth

George Washington's Breakfast




NGK George Washington

Before we read the book George Washington's Breakfast, I had students make predictions: What did George Washington eat for breakfast? The story by Jean Fritz is rather long, but my students were completely fascinated and curious! If I had a wee bit more energy, I'd be cooking hoecakes in the morning... but I was out sick for two days this week, and I'm going to be thankful to make it through tomorrow!

And my Dr. Seuss unit is ready to go for next week!

Read Across America- Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Don't forget there's a big sale on Teachers Pay Teachers tomorrow! I took advantage of the discounts and bought up most of the clip art on my wishlist! I have some fun units planned for the Spring!

The weekend is nearly here! And I'll probably be spending some quality time with my laptop doing report cards. No matter! At least I can wear pajamas!

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