Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Unit for Teaching Time to the Hour and Half Hour

Friends, what a week! The weather has been amazing, I got to spend time with my family, I had fun riding on a plane, I did some work on curriculum projects, and I ate some delicious food. And sleep? Yep, I got some! I am feeling great! And though I love my job, I did happen to notice that there are just seven weeks until Spring Break!

And as promised, I finished the unit I was working on, It's Time: Common Core Activities for Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour! It is LOADED with goodies! Loaded!

It's Time!1

There is a "I Have/Who Has?" game that includes analog clocks, digital clocks, and words.

It's Time!2

There's a "Math Around the Room" activity that students love!

It's Time!4

There are practices pages, a Venn diagram about clocks, and colorful cards with analog and digital clocks.

And one of my favorite pieces of the unit? An emergent reader! The sweet little book is filled with adorable Melonheadz graphics, and it's all about time! Student can read the book, draw hands on the clocks to correspond with each page, and write the numbers on a digital clock. The story follows a child through a day!

It's Time!3

And speaking of time... It's flying! Can you even believe it's the last week of February already?! Keep your fingers crossed that this week brings lots of rain to California!

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