Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday! Here's a Peek at What's Coming Soon!

Hope it's been a good week, Friends!

I've really, really enjoyed my "Winter Break." Oh. My. Yes, I have!

I've had a little mini-vacation in Southern California, visiting with my daughter and watching my son swim. The only bad part is that the Hubs stayed at home to work and get the two younger daughters to school each day. But I'm thankful for that, otherwise I couldn't have come! (Younger girls didn't want to miss school to watch yet another swim meet!) It's usually the Hubs who is traveling and I'm the one home keeping it all together, so it's fun to switch that around!

My son is competing this week in his conference championships. He's had a great meet so far, and we are all very excited about finals tonight! Fingers crossed--- his time this morning was 12/100ths of a second away from breaking the school record in 100 yard breaststroke! He's currently got an NCAA B-cut, and a little faster time could both break the record and get him a trip to Austin, Texas for the NCAA Division 1 Championships! Yes, I do want to go to Texas!

It was a quick flight into Burbank, and I read professional books on the plane. I've been working on a few projects when I've had the chance, between swim races and meals with my kids. I really need about twelve more hours in each day, along with an ability to function without sleep! That will be one of my top three choices when the world grants me superpowers! I have a giant flurry of ideas in my head, along with the many that I've actually been able to write down. More time. Need more time.

So, what have I been working on? What a great question! Thanks for asking...

I'm nearly finished with a ton of Dr. Seuss fun, and it will be posted on TpT in the next 24 hours! It's full of Common Core activities in language arts and math, and includes math around the room, alphabetizing, rhyming, number sequencing, fact families, writing, synonyms and more!

Read Across America- Celebrating Dr. Seuss

And I'm also working on It's Time! which is my brand new packet for telling time to the hour and half hour. It includes an I Have/Who Has game, Also in this pack is a mini-book that provides opportunities for students to draw numbers on a clock, practice telling time, and read! I'm so excited, and I am hoping to get this one finished in the next 24 hours, as well!

It's Time!

I've been lounging at a Starbuck's near the pool, but it's nearly time for finals. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and weekend ahead! Cross those fingers for some fast swimming! Go Cameron! Go Tigers!

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