Sunday, February 2, 2014

Guided Reading

After what seems like tons of short weeks, substitute days, the 100th day, fire drills, and interruptions of other kinds, we finally got back to a full week of guided reading last week. And it was easy to see where I left off with each student and each group, because I have this planning page that I use to keep track of things.

Guided Reading Weekly Planning Page1

I like this system because I can keep track of a whole week's worth of guided reading for all six of my groups if I write small! Occasionally I will add a Post-it note or write something on the back, but for the most part, everything is in one place. Easy to read!

I never name my groups, because I keep them as flexible as possible. When I'm calling a group to my table, I just say student names! I often include an extra child who might need a review of a particular skill or one who is ready for a certain skill, but not quite ready to change groups. Each week, I just quickly jot down their names. Sure, it would be quicker to fill them in ahead of time, but this gives me more flexibility.

I just down the names of the books I'm using each week, indicating the level, as well. I might write Things That Go Fast (A) or What Do You See? (D).

There's a space for Predict/Locate, because each lesson includes having my students look for certain words or make predictions. This helps me remember what I'm doing/what the students already did.

My guided reading sessions include phonics skills, comprehension strategies, decoding strategies, and other skills, and I quickly jot down the ones we're working on. Not every group is ready for the same strategies and this little box helps me keep it all straight!

In the Word Work section, I indicate the word work activities that are a part of the week's lessons. I often include making words activities, little phonics books that students build themselves, word family study, and that kind of thing.

And lastly, I try to include some kind of writing with each lesson. It might be something very short, or it could be a longer task that requires my more proficient readers to respond to the text we read together.

This Guided Reading Weekly Planning Page is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and it's free! I'm just sharing something that works really well for me! I hope you can use it, too!

Guided Reading Weekly Planning Page2

I'm hoping for another week with few interruptions, because those guided reading lessons are powerful and my kiddos love the small group attention they get from me! This is such important work!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!


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