Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The 100th Day of School

Ah, my kiddos are so excited! I've been getting them pumped up about the 100th day of school since day one! I promised them then that when we got to the hundredth day, we'd have a big party! That day is here! Well, it will be tomorrow...

Before I left school today, I got everything ready for the hat-making that will be first on the list tomorrow. Students will each get a 6-inch by 18-inch piece of construction paper. They will write "100" with glitter glue, and then get ready to decorate. I put out bowls of goodies for students to choose from. Every year the selection varies a bit, but I always include feathers and foam shapes and q-tips because they just look spectacular. I also put out my date stamp, and children can stamp it ten times on their hat if they want to. Here's what's set up for this year. Not pictured are pipe cleaner pieces and styrofoam packing peanuts. I provide each child with a planning sheet, so that it's easy to keep track of which materials have been used, and how many more "bits" are needed to get to 100 decorations. photo (10) Once students have chosen their items, it's time for some white glue! After the glue dries, I simply add a 6-inch by 9-inch piece of construction paper and staple the hats together. Here are a few samples from past years.

Kayla 100 Hat

K 100th Day Hat

Mehrsa Eden 100 Day Hats Isabella Romo 100th Day Hat





I completely adore these hats because they are made by the children. Each one is unique and the students genuinely love making them! It's thrilling for them to choose their own materials and make hats that are totally their own creations.

After the hats are completed, we'll make our 100th Day snack. First we will wash hands! Then, students will count out ten marshmallows, ten pretzel sticks, ten M&Ms, ten raisins, ten gummy bears, ten goldfish crackers, ten pretzel twists, ten Cheerios, ten Chex pieces, and ten honey graham bear cookies. Yep, ten groups of ten, AGAIN! As much fun as the hundredth day is, it's also tons of counting for the students, and it really helps them with place value concepts.

This snack is an enormous treat, because I allow my students to keep the snack on their desk all day, and eat whenever they feel like it. So much fun! (They'll store them in their decorated 100th day bags!

photo (11)















We'll be rounding out the day with math surveys and graphing, writing, lots of counting, a little poetry and some singing. Oh, and we'll be making 100 Froot Loop necklaces, too. And did I mention reading? We have lots of books to read tomorrow, too! And we're definitely going to walk to the office and sing our 100 days songs to the secretaries and the principal! It's going to be an incredibly busy day! I can't wait to share more pictures!

If you need activities for the 100th day, be sure to check my TpT store. My "It's Time to Celebrate the 100th Day" unit has lots of fun and educational activities, including two books for students to make!

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