Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Survived and I Celebrated the New Year with My Students!

You're probably shocked, but I survived the presentation on Monday. I had been dreading it the whole break. Who in the world wants to present on the first day back? Egad! I sure didn't! But it all worked out, staff was appreciative, there were some "Aha!" moments for most of the teachers, and my principal is happy. What is that? It's not win-win. It's more like win-win-win-win. And honestly, I do love to present. I learn something every time!

So... I crossed that off my list and headed to my classroom to try to create some order so that I'd be ready for my kiddos on Tuesday. Let me tell you, when the students walked out the door on that Friday before break, I followed them. I did almost no clean up and I knew I'd have some things to deal with. It wasn't as bad as I had remembered. I just needed to hang a few projects on the wall, get ready for the January calendar, and do a little straightening up. Easy.

So on Tuesday, my little darlings walked in the door and I was ready! Boy oh boy did we have an awesome day! First we made hats using an adorable free unit from Teri over at "A Cupcake for the Teacher." Completely adorable, and we took up a notch by adding tons of glitter. Because that's how we do it.





IMG_9964After the hats were done, I handed out noisemakers. Check out this post to find out details about how I make it work. It makes the day so fun!

Students also worked on their New Years books,


which are available here or by clicking on the picture.

And they began working on data collection:

IMG_9981 The data collection activity requires students to ask their friends,  "Which is your favorite way to celebrate the New Year?" and then record their answers with tallies. Then, they graph the data. This activity is in my "Happy New Year, Students" Unit and it's available in my TpT store. There are lots of Common Core activities for the New Year!

Happy New Year Students Cover



And now... it's halfway to Friday! Hope you are having a great week!

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