Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm going to keep saying it for at least a few weeks! The year IS new, after all!

I've been rather swamped with family things, working on my presentation for next week, writing thank you notes, lying in bed, etc... but I did manage to update my Happy New Year unit and get it posted!

Check out all the details on TpT... lots of standards addressed!

Happy New Year Students Cover

Happy New Year Students Preview

My kiddos will be busy with tons of celebrating our first day back... Thank goodness it's our short day!

Don't forget...

Even though the new year has started, it's still a great time to make handprint calendars with your students! You could even do one per month, rather than the whole year all at one time.

Calendar 2014 1

And it's also a good time to freshen up that Hundreds Chart... you know you're sick of those red numbers!

Snowmen Numbers to 120

Have a great weekend, Teacher Friends!


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