Saturday, January 4, 2014


Kids, I hate to say it... but Winter Break is almost over! Yikes! Did it fly by or what?!

I've linked up with some fun teacher bloggers for this little "Currently" feature...

Happiness Is Literacy January Currently

And for a little more explanation...

Listening: My husband decided that a Wii would be tons of fun, and he was right! We hadn't had a new game system for the whole family since... I don't know... ten years ago? Egad. I must admit that I wasn't totally on board with the whole thing at the beginning, but it has turned out to be a pretty cool thing. Hubs went overboard on the games, so there has really been something for everyone... Tomb Raider, Star Wars Lego Games, Mario Cart, Winter Olympics Games, and I don't know what else. But tonight, it's Donkey Kong! Fun to hear all the laughing and game talk!

Loving: I have truly enjoyed every second of the break. All my little baby birdies were back in the nest, at least for a few days, and we loved being together! We ate and lounged and stayed in pajamas all day on Christmas and I am grateful for every second! So. Much. Fun. I love love love my family!

Thinking: I have to present to my staff on our first day back... Monday. I'm completely interested in the topic (Close Reading) but it's just so hard to get motivated during vacation. I knew I'd feel this way, and I was pretty sure that I'd procrastinate until the last minute, and I did. It's been on my mind for most of the break. I've done a little reading and a little prep work, but I'm not yet at the point where I feel prepared. Meh. I will get it together, because I have to.

Wanting: Yes, you read that right. All I want is a puffer vest. A navy one. Navy blue--- what's so hard about that?! Well, apparently everything. I can't find one anywhere! Online, at the mall, at the outlets... nothing! Black? Yes, those are everywhere! Everywhere! Pink? Yes. Yellow, red, royal blue, teal, green, aqua? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! Navy?! Nope. Nowhere. Let me know if you see one!

Needing: Honestly, nothing. A million dollars? Sure, I'll take it. I'll buy a new house and a new car and donate a pile of money to  children in my area. Gads there are lots of children without clothes, food, homes... not to mention the children I've worked with who would benefit A TON if they had opportunities to play sports, go to ballet class or learn an instrument. Yes, I'll take your million. But do I need anything? Honestly, no. I'm good right now. Kid's college tuition paid, plenty to eat, adequate clothing, safe place to live, cars that run fine, and a family who is healthy and happy. Need? Not a thing. But again, I'll put that million to good use if you want to share!

Memory/Tradition: New Year's Eve madness! The hubs and I get together with our two good friends, Kara and Rod every year for New Year's Eve. We've been doing it since at least 2001, but we think there were a few years before that... we just can't remember! It's a wild time, because it's not just the four of us--- there are seven children involved! There's always lots of food, sparking sodas of some kind, maybe a cocktail or two... and everyone has a great time. Some years Kara and I have worked on some kind of project. We've made a few quilts, smaller sewing projects, jewelry, and decorative items. Often the dads talk computers and play some kind of game (with or without the boys), mix cocktails and plan future beer making sessions. The kids, all seven of them, stay busy with movies, board games, video games, cupcake-baking, crocheting, shrinky dinks, beads, and whatever seven kids do when their parents are only halfway paying attention!! As it gets closer to midnight, the adults usually start playing bridge, and then we all play with noisemakers and bang on pots and pans and shoot little streamer things all over the yard. Good times! In the morning, we usually go for a hike (kind of like a flash mob with our crowd!) and hang out all day. We cook one more gigantic dinner before we split up the two families. It's always fun! This year, though, our two oldest children (one of ours and one of theirs) were working, so they weren't with us. We missed them, and lucky for us, the kids missed us, too. Hopefully we will all be together again next year!

Savor your Sunday, Teacher Friends!


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