Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Break? YES, PLEASE! And a set of Number Sequence Puzzles for January and a Giveaway!

Oh my. Friends, it hasn't been pretty. Movies. Gilmore Girls on DVD. Mad Men online. Wii games. Instagram. Lying on the couch. Words with Friends. Cookies. Brie.

Have I worn legging or sweats or yoga pants every single day of the break? Maybe, why do you ask? And are those three things really just the same?

My sweet family had a wonderful Christmas together! It was casual and lazy and we ate delicious food and laughed like crazy. But we didn't get dressed up! We might have stayed in pajamas all day. MIGHT have.

I'm painting quite a picture, I know. I was talking to the hubs about it this morning... this whole break thing. He's taking the whole two weeks off, too, and other than preparing a few meals and making sure that there are clean clothes... (leggings and sweats, mainly!) we have done nothing. We've been embarrassingly unproductive. That is, unless you count movie-watching!  After a lengthy analysis of our activities of the last week or so, we've decided that we just needed this break much more than we realized.

But we're going to bounce back. We must bounce back! There are things clean and organization to be done and presentations to prepare and units to complete and thank you notes to write!

And I got at it today. I actually started making these before the break started. My fabulous first grade team and I had a planning day, and we worked on getting things ready for January. But I finished the puzzles today, so that counts, right?

Number Sequence Puzzles January

This is a set of 15 puzzles, each one reinforcing the counting sequence and starting with a different number. It goes up to 120... the magic number for first grade, as far as Common Core goes!

I'm giving away a set here on the blog, and another set on Instagram. Comment on this post for a chance to win. Tell me something productive you've done--- I need inspiration! on over to Instagram for another chance to win! Follow me @Melissa1Franke and comment on the picture! (Instagram link button on the way, btw!)

I hope you've been more productive than I have and that y'all had some wonderful days with family and friends! In case I don't see you before then, Happy New Year!


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