Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hysterical Laughter While Reading the Word Wall

Oh my. Things just happen... in even the most innocent situations.

Read the Room... we do it every day. The Superkid is always first. He or she chooses a pointer and leads the class to a chart or poem or shared reading or anything else in the room that we can read together. There are definitely some "old favorite" poems to read, and the wall where we have all the color words is popular, too.





But the most popular choice BY FAR is the Word Wall. Great, right?! All those yummy high-frequency words?! Of course I want students getting extra practice with those! So every time a student chooses the word wall, I cheer a little inside!

Now normally, we read the words  from left to right, just like we'd read them in a book. So we'll start with the words that start with "a" and we'll read them from left to right, across one row and then down to the next. Then, we'll read the words that start with "b" in the same way. It's NEVER been confusing... until yesterday.

A darling little kindergartner got her turn with the pointer, and rushed to the word wall. She started pointing to the "a" words in a rather random order. The students didn't miss a beat and read the words, anyway. And the she started on the "b" words... and this time, she decided to read them column by column, which was fine, until we got to "big, but" and the class just completely lost it. I might have giggled myself. But the more the students laughed, the more I laughed, and then they laughed, and pretty quickly we were just a mess of hilarity. I love my job!

Word Wall big but

Oh. My. I think we're all ready for a little vacation! When does Winter Break start? That's right, kids.... SIX MORE DAYS!!





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