Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy New Year Emergent Reader for Kindergarten and First Grade

I'm trying to think ahead... to the week after vacation. We don't have students on the first day back because it's an inservice day... which is awesome! I'm going to be presenting, which is also awesome, but it means that I'm going to be pretty focused on that task! So I think it's best to do as much as I can right now to get ready for my students to come back the day after that.

One thing we will be doing is reading this little book about the new year: 2014!

New Year Book to Read1


The book uses high frequency words and has pictures to support the text.

In 2014 I will learn on the computer.

In 2014 I will be responsible.

In 2014 I will be a good friend... I will take care of my body... I will write new stories...

And more. It's a perfect "fresh start" kind of book, with affirmations for a positive and productive year. Click on the picture above, or click HERE to get your copy!

I made copies (love the staple feature!), cut the books, and they are ready to go now. My kinders and first graders love having their own books to read, and it will be a terrific focus for their first day back in 2014.

Now to survive the next four days!



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