Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gingerbread Glyph in Kindergarten and First Grade

Well the joy continues...

I forgot to take pictures of the gingerbread kids that my little sweeties made today, but I will do it tomorrow! They turned out great!

This little activity is in my Gingerbread Goodness Unit, and I'm offering it here as a freebie! Snag a copy of the instructions for the Gingerbread Glyph and get busy with your kiddos!

Gingerbread Goodness Glyph

A few tips for creating glyphs with your kinders and first graders... I first distributed this page to each child. I had my own copy up on my teaching easel, and students were seated on the floor, where they could see well. First, we numbered each of the boxes. I showed them how to number 1-2-3 down the left column, then 4-5, then 6-7. This was just to make it easier for them to keep track of where we were! Then, I read each box, and students circled their answers. As we went through all the questions, we talked about how we would represent that data. I explained carefully, "My birthday is in July. In the middle of the page, it says, 'July=red, white and blue,' and that means that I will make hair using red, white and blue paper." We discussed every box, and students shared some of their answers and how they would represent the information on their gingerkid.

Only after all that do I recommend tracing and cutting gingerbread men. I have tagboard gingerbread man shapes that children traced onto 9" by 12" tan paper and then cut out. I modeled how to cut eyes, nose, stripes, hair, etc.... and then I put out a ton of colored paper and let the students work independently. So fun! The room was filled with the buzzing sound of children working, and it got messy! But we cleaned up and all is well!

Pictures tomorrow, I promise!

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