Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday for the Classroom: Units on Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers

I'm really not a shopper.

I like to research things from home, go pick them up as fast as possible, and get out of the stores!  I'm not crazy about the crowds at the mall, the food at the mall, or the parking. Ugh!

I know my sizes at Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap, J. Crew, most Nordstrom brands, and of course... shoes. I also know my husband's size, and the places where my children would like gift cards. So ordering online is pretty easy.

Don't get me wrong--- if my kids need something or my husband needs new clothes for say, a business trip to Korea, I'm all over it. I can zip through that mall and get it done. I just don't enjoy the shopping part. It's the "cross that off my list" part that motivates me.

I live in a town with a sweet little downtown area. Oh my. It's oozes adorable! Occasionally I will look in windows and go into the quaint shops on my way to get a cup of Peet's or Starbucks. There's a cute little bookstore, a pet store with darling toys and accessories for my RoseKitty and Violet, some cool places to get clothes, a great party store, Hallmark, bakeries and gourmet restaurants, and many antique and gift shops. It's great. Occasionally.

But shopping today? Um. Let me think...NO. WAY.

Instead, I'm getting a pedicure, hanging out with my family, going for a run, and working on my Sweet Holiday Reading Unit!

But in the spirit of shopping and good deals, I'm having my own sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers. Everything is 20% off, just so that you can shop from home! My sale, unlike the malls... is a Black Weekend Sale. Gather up all the goodies you want all weekend long!

Beanie Babies? Yep. Totally on sale!

Beanie Baby Decoding MelissaFrankeBeanie Baby Comprehension MelissaFranke

Contractions? Yep.


Blend and Digraph Fun? Oh, yes!

French Fries Blends and DigraphsCover Page

I could go on, but you get the idea... Everything is 20% off!

Have a great day, Teacher Friends, no matter how you choose to spend it!

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