Saturday, November 2, 2013

Addition Practice with Double Double Dice Dice and a FREEBIE!

My kiddos are practicing addition. I try to find lots of cool ways for them to practice, because let's be real... worksheets with problem after problem after problem are boring!

I think these dice came from the Dollar Tree years ago. There is one big, transparent die with a smaller die inside. I've used them for a variety of purposes, but they are AWESOME for addition. I made up a student page to go with them, and yes, I was in a goofy mood! My students love to say "Double Double Dice Dice" and laugh hysterically as they write their names two times! Silly!


The children roll one die, record the inside and outside numbers and then add. It couldn't be simpler. I usually copy this page on both sides of the paper so that they can play with the dice more!

I keep this in my math choice area. Students will practice adding over and over just to use the dice again. And there's nothing wrong with that! MUCH more fun than flashcards or a tedious worksheet!

Get your copy of this fun resource here: Double Double Dice Dice

Happy weekend, everyone! We survived Halloween AND the day after!

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