Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Cannot Wait for Halloween ... I'm as Excited as My Students!

I'm not usually a gigantic Halloween fan, but this year... wowza! I cannot wait! My kindergarten and first grade teammates and I have a plan. We've been talking about it for weeks and weeks, and our students are going to go nuts when they see us! So, so fun! I've got my costume ready to go! My sister knit a hat for me, and I'll be wearing my old GAP overalls from the 90s! That's the only clue I'm giving...

This week is conference week, and I've had three conferences so far. Many teachers dread conference week, but I love it! It's such an amazing opportunity to learn more about our students. I met with one family today and got some critical information that will make a huge difference. I never would have known, but now that I do know, I can understand that darling child better. And another parent asked me if her child was lazy at school. Lazy?! He's one of the most motivated, hardworking students in the class! I was so thrilled to let her know that he is progressing wonderfully. And the third family was darling, too. Mom, Dad, first grader, little sibling... they all came!

I feel energized after meeting with parents!

And it's a good thing... because Halloween is just around the corner. Tomorrow we'll be doing some special art to go with the poem "Five Little Pumpkins." Thursday morning, we have a big parade at school, and then we'll be doing some Halloween-themed activities during our afternoon group time. No big parties, just some *ahem* calm celebrating!

What fabulous costume idea do you have? What does your school do to celebrate?

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