Thursday, October 10, 2013

Common Core Essential Questions for First Grade

The Kindergarten Common Core Essential Questions that I made are up and ready HERE.

Kindergarten Common Core EQ

The First Grade Common Core Essential Questions will be up and available by Sunday, at the latest. They'll probably be ready tomorrow, but I'm going to say Sunday, just to be conservative. Check back soon!

Can I just say TGIF? (Well, almost!) A friend texted me a few minutes ago and said, "Seems like it's been an eight day week!" I couldn't agree more. There's just been a ton on the schedule! And yesterday, I was so exhausted-- so I left school soon after the students did. I had some grand plans to get home early, see my family for a while before everyone went to do their activities, stop by Nordstrom for a fresh pair of navy Toms, and cook something delicious for dinner. However, I was out of gas, so I stopped to fill up near my school. Can you believe that my starter motor failed right then?! I pumped gas, then couldn't start the car. After tons of phone calls to my husband and the insurance company, a tow truck arrived and towed my car to the nearest dealer. Bleh. My husband came and picked me up there, and we got home about 7:45 pm. So much for everything I wanted to get done. We got some take-out and crashed.

Tomorrow is "College Day" at my school. I'll be teaching a lesson on the many reasons why going to college is a great idea, and I'm planning to wear jeans and a college shirt to get into the spirit. Would have looked great with those new Toms... Darn!

Enjoy your Friday!

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