Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Ways to Read a Book ... with a Pete the Cat Bookmark!

Last week, I described how I get started with reading workshop HERE. Part of the plan with kindergarten and first grade students is giving them some options when they are not able to decode the words. So I teach students to 1- Read the pictures, 2- Read the words (any words they can find that they know including "a" and "I") and 3- Retell the story.

After several lessons to model, teach, outline and explain each way, my students are getting to be pros. I have some first graders who can decode pretty darn well. But I also have some kindergartners who are doing well with reading the pictures. And that's just fine.

Today, I taught my students how to use a bookmark. Wild, right?! ...Because using a bookmark isn't intuitive. Students don't know what to do with it unless they are explicitly taught.

And I gave my students these bookmarks to keep in their book boxes with the books they selected. I had them write names on the back to avoid confusion later.

Three Ways to Read a Book Bookmarks


Click HERE to get these bookmarks for your students!

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