Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bubble Day!

One of the fabulous teachers on my first grade team shared her idea of having a Bubble Day! I was thinking that a Bubble Day would be a good activity for the Spring. But she wanted to do it right at the beginning of the year. I gave it some thought... and I began to think of a fall bubble day as a "goodbye to summer" activity. One last fun, sunny fling before the cooler weather sets in. And really, bubbles are so much fun. What a great way to show my class how exciting school will be this year. So a Bubble Day during the third week of school?! Heck, yeah! The other first grade teachers and I hopped on board, set a date, and asked for parent volunteers.

At first it sounded like a lot of work, and that's one of the reasons I was initially hesitant about having a Bubble Day during the first few weeks of school. But then I realized all the amazing things that I could do with the theme "Bubbles." And I got right to work on creating a Bubble Unit! I ordered a few books, gathered scientific information about bubbles, reviewed the Common Core State Standards (for the bazillionth time!) and got into the bubble mood. Omg! I had so much fun, and my students loved the activities!



I've included lots of ideas for centers, small group work, whole class work.. and a few things that even my new firsties can do independently! Some are appropriate for use on Bubble Day (or Bubble Week, as it might be!) while others are appropriate for centers that can be accessible to students for a longer period of time. I used some adorable graphics and made certain that everything will address Common Core State Standards. I included a book list, art project, science experiment, recipe for bubbles, writing activities, four original poems, cards for the pocket chart...

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