Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a Difference Six Hours Makes: My New Classroom!

My Wacky Week, Part 2

After staying up way too late last night organizing packets for kindergarten orientation, I finally slept. Briefly.

I was up at 6:00, in my old classroom by 7:00, and I got to work: packing, prioritizing, sorting, wondering... was it even possible?!

My husband and two of the kids went and picked up a truck and met me at the old school. The four of us packed and taped and taped and packed until we ran out of tape! We took a quick Jamba Juice break, stopped by the store for more tape, and had the whole room completely packet by 11:00! Un. Real. We filled the truck with pretty things, furniture, and things I needed right away. We boxed up most of the books and some other things, and they should be delivered in a few days.

We arrived at the new room around noon, unloaded, dashed out for Chipotle salads, organized, unpacked, hung things, put things on shelves and voila! A classroom, ready to go! Okay, it was pretty much nothing like "voila!" My husband and son are the heroes of the day. Good heavens! They lifted so much heavy stuff!

So I made it to kindergarten orientation. The parents were lovely, and I met one adorable little boy who said, "Nice to meet you," and was ready to shake my hand all night long! A few of the parents were really, really excited, and said that they loved the room!

Classroom1 2013

I hung a cute "Welcome" sign on the door, and I'll add some student work tomorrow!

IClassroom2 2013

Thank heavens for a wonderful secretary who copied all my handouts for the Kindergarten Orientation! I emailed them to her at 1:23 this morning! Yikes!

Classroom3 2013Classroom4 2013

Since most of my books are still in boxes, most of the book bins are empty! But 4,000 books will soon fill them up!

Classroom5 2013

A kind and generous kinder teacher gave me a rug because she had two! I'm so pleased and grateful! Not every teacher would do that for someone else...

I'm feeling pretty good about the room. It's not done. But tomorrow is the first day of school, and I did all that in six hours. Whew.

Good night, friends! We all need sleep!

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