Monday, August 26, 2013

Place Value Boxes from Target and a Corner of my Classroom

More calendar math... Each day, we add a Unifix cube to our collection. When there are ten, we stack them into "one ten" and move the entire stack to the tens column. Well, I saw these cute little boxes in the dollar bins at Target and they are perfect for collecting the cubes. Today was the ninth day of school, so tomorrow my students will stack the cubes into a ten.

photo (4)photo (3)

I printed the Ones, Tens and Hundreds labels from my unit, Common Core Calendar Math, and taped it on! Easy! Yes, I know that the words are in the wrong order in the picture! Not sure how that happened, but it's fixed now.

Today my students finished up some little Pete the Cat paper projects, and I couldn't resist hanging them all over the classroom.  I think they're just adorable. My kinders and first graders were both able to do the project somewhat independently. The best part is the tail. I shared my idea for a spiral tail, but told the students that they could make any kind of tail they wanted. The variety is awesome! They're all different, which I love!

I still have organizing and unpacking to do in my room. I'm trying to do a little each day, but I'm waiting for the district to deliver a couple of big bookshelves.

Geez, is that picture blurry? Or am I just in need of sleep?

photo (5)

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