Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Good News/What Bad News (I Got the Key to my New Room)

Okay the good news first: I got the key to my new room. And more good news: when I went to get the key, I also got to meet my new principal!  (I'm thankful that she offered to hand out keys a little early. I don't want to spend the rest of my summer vacation getting reading for school to start, but I do like to have access. I've been working on a few things at home this summer, and I was very happy to get a pile of projects out of my entryway and into the classroom!)

And more good news! My room is in a great location. It's close to the parking lot and the office. It's also much closer to the cafeteria than my old room was, and it's very close to the bathrooms, which will be great for first graders.

Carmen, my next door neighbor from last year, is smart, supportive, and funny, and I just loved having her next door. Guess what? She has moved to a new room, also, and we will still be pretty close. So that's good news!

Bad news, you ask? Really? Are you sure you're ready? It's pretty bad.

What's that saying? "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Are the thousand words more like screaming sounds?

The bad news: my new room.

That's a lot of boxes, friends. You can barely even see the counter!

Are you thinking that it looks like it's pretty disorganized? Yeah, me too. It bothers me that I see at least one bookcase on its side. I should have fixed that before taking a picture...

And this picture couldn't be more misleading! Doesn't it look like the room is just gigantic?! I can assure you that it's not!

The doors in the first picture lead to the classroom next door. The doors in this picture lead to a closet. It's not big enough for too much, but I'm planning to put my little fridge and microwave in there... and if there's room, I'll fill the rest of the space with textbooks.

Total side note: In the last picture, you can see a little pink dollhouse. It was given to me by a principal from a few years ago. She is a total gem, loves kids like crazy, and passed this dollhouse along to me when her daughter decided she was too old for it. I love it! Every time we have Choice Time, my students get that dollhouse out first. And I always think of Michelle, and what a treat it was working with her!

So I have some work to do... and this year I'm going to shake things up just a bit.  When the room is unpacked and organized and ready for students, I'll take pictures and let you know...because it will be good news!

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