Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Reading

I wonder if I'll ever have one of those model-home-perfect/Pinterest-type nightstands next to my bed?  They always look so pretty. Two matching nightstands, each with a nice lamp, and maybe a small clock or a little vase of flowers...

I'm thinking not. We have lovely matching nightstands. We even have nice, matching lamps. We even having matching piles of books! Bahahahaha! Nope, not at all the way they do it in the Pinterest photos or Elle Decor. Ooooops.

But guess what? I've had a ton o'fun reading this summer. Fiction, non-fiction, teaching-related, humor... a little of everything. (I read the book for my book club meeting, and then ended up not being able to go that night. Such a bummer! I love to talk about books.) I've read some new books, but I've also re-read some older ones just because.

A few highlights:

Okay, if you haven't read this, you really must. Pathways to the Common Core is a quick read, and it will help clear up some Common Core mysteries. Go. Read.

A friend (who is a principal) recommended this and I read it. It's more applicable to her job than to mine, but since I always want to improve myself, I dove in head first. Why don't we have really excellent teachers everywhere all the time?

I know. It's not new. But I love this Six Traits book by Ruth Culham. I've read it dozens of times. My copy is full of Post-It notes. I marked the things I loved, plus jotted notes about related mentor texts, YouTube videos, writing pieces my students have produced, other ideas for application... Every time I read this book, I think of several new ideas for teaching writing in my classroom.

Okay, totally not teaching-related. EXCEPT... My reward for starting school when it's still practically the middle of summer is that I will get a week off in October. And I'm going to Paris with three wonderful friends, Stacey, Allison and Kim. We're working on finalizing the details now, after planning this trip for ages. We're going to celebrate a birthday (one of us just had a big one-- not me!) and it is going to be a blast! CANNOT WAIT. The book is full of interesting photographs of two dogs all over Paris. Totally amusing!

I love this author. I stumbled upon one of her books, Arranged Marriage,  just after it was released in 1996. I was instantly a fan, and began reading everything she wrote. In 2002, I lucked out big time! She was a guest speaker at my local library. She was a wonderful speaker-- so intelligent, so humble and completely enchanting. Hers are books that I've read more than once. Sister of My Heart is one of my favorites, and I've read it at least six times. I was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of One Amazing Thing a few weeks ago.

Next on my list?

Can't wait until Tuesday! Love my Amazon Prime!


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