Wednesday, July 10, 2013

School Supplies... Already?!

The school supply madness has begun for me! I'm choosing not to think about the fact that I will be back to work in just one month. Instead, I'm focusing on the great deals I got yesterday!

I saw the Office Max ad and walked right out to my car! I need a stapler, anyway, I told myself.

I went intending to get just the 1cent deals... small bottles of glue and folders. And yes, I was successful. I got 20 bottles of glue and 20 green folders and one blue stapler. The manager of the store was so nice. He said as he was totaling my purchase that teachers can buy 20 of every deal in the ad. So I looked at the ad and went back for more.

They had boxes of 12 Sharpies for $1. And packages of 4 Expo markers for $1. Score!

I'm so thankful that these deals are available. I work at a high poverty school. I don't get donations, and my budget for classroom supplies is a ridiculous $100 a year. I packed everything up to take to school.

But not for a month! Enjoy July!


  1. I got the same Office Max ad, but need to dig through an enormous pile of junk on my desk to find it. You got such great deals. My school doesn't offer any sort of budget for supplies, so a lot of comes my own pockets (or my family's). I would prefer to follow you through Bloglovin' or Google+...will you have one of those widgets soon? I just never real blog updates through my email but would love to continue getting updates from your (really cute!) blog.

    Thanks and enjoy your last month of summer vacation!

  2. Thanks, Mai! I'm working on the Google+ option... I probably have too many Google accounts so it's taking me a bit to figure out. Check back in a day or two!

    No supply budget?! Yikes! I only get $100 a year for school supplies, and it doesn't go far. Thank goodness for all those sales!

  3. Okay, Mai! Bloglovin'! Just for you! :) Thanks for the tip!