Friday, June 28, 2013

Target Dollar Section

I went to Target yesterday for three items: dental floss, hair rubber bands, and Kleenex. Simple, right?

Apparently not. I got home with a big bag of goodies, but no dental floss! Just three items to remember... and I failed. I ended up walking to a nearby drugstore after dinner to get that elusive dental floss!

But back to my afternoon at Target... First I got an iced nonfat vanilla latte. Because this Target has a Starbuck's. And I was thirsty. And why not?! DID YOU KNOW IT'S SUMMER??????!!!!!!!

So after I got my coffee, I started to head straight to the hair accessories aisle. But do you know what I saw on the way? The dollar bins! I knew it would be completely irresponsible of me to walk by without looking, so I detoured. This particular aisle didn't have any of those Back to School items we all love. Not yet. I think it's a little early for our area because many of us just got out of school! But that's not to say I didn't find any items to use at school...

First, these cute little French Fry boxes caught my eye. There was another set of boxes just like this, but they were red and there were hamburgers on them. I started to get caught up in the excitement and tossed them into my cart. But then I realized that this kind of box is what fries come in-- not hamburgers. So darling as they were, the idea just didn't make sense to me, and I put them back. My brain was instantly going full-speed with the fry idea, and tomorrow I should be finished with the darling French Fry Literacy Centers that I've been working on. I'll post as soon as I'm done!

The other thing that I couldn't leave on the shelf was this cute half-sheet-sized clipboard. Okay, I actually bought four of them. The clip part is teal-colored plastic, and has the word "list" on it. It's really easy to clip and unclip, which will be a big plus for my darling little first graders' darling little fingers. And I love the half-sheet size. I've already started working on some Common Core literacy activities to go with the clipboards, too. My students love clipboards, so it will be fun. I love rigorous activities, so it will be educational, too!

I stayed up way too late last night working on the French Fry centers! I can wait to share them!


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