Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer! Summer! Summer!

I've gotta say... I'm enjoying the slower pace of summer! I know it's going to fly by, so I've been trying to take advantage of every day!

I've been thinking about when I taught at a year round school. School was in session for nine weeks, and then we had a three week break. I thought there were lots of advantages to that 45/15 schedule, but I never got a summer in those years (only the scheduled three week break.) Of course, I also got three glorious weeks in the fall, three in the winter and three in the spring!

Anyway... look at my keys!

Notice anything?! Oh, yes, my hand sanitizer is there. Thank heavens for that little invention. I swear it was made for primary teachers!

And my whistle is there. I love this whistle! It has a quieter, higher-pitched tone than most. It's distinctive, and I never sound like I'm the coach at a basketball game!

And yep, there's my flash drive. I started carrying it with me all the time several years ago. I loaded it with some basic documents, so that I could have access when I needed them. I also added the power points I've used in some professional development sessions, photographs of my family, lesson plans, and a few professional articles for reference.

So what's missing?! My school KEYS!

I had to turn them in the other day. Ha ha! I would love to have summer access, but it's not happening this year. There is a ton of moving going on, and I'm involved. I was in a room waaaaaaaaaaaay at one end of the school, and I'm being moved close to the office for next year. I'm thrilled with my new location, but it meant A TON of packing. Everything had to be in boxes. One thing I'm thankful for, though, is that the moving crew was already starting last week. Hopefully they will be done soon! I brought three boxes worth of projects home, and I'd like to go put things in my new room as I get them finished.

Yesterday I washed all my math manipulatives and the children's scissors and lots of storage containers.

Today I'm going to cut out a few things I laminated, and work on a critical thinking and creativity unit. But I won't be working long! It's summer!

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