Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun with Fingerprints!

I love love love the Ed Emberley books! It's probably because I don't know how to draw very well. I just never learned how, really. Maybe I should take a drawing class...

But in the meantime... Thanks, Mr. Emberley!

The concept is so simple and the process is forgiving. That's what makes thumbprint pictures *perfect* for young children! All the results look great, and skill is not really a factor at all.

I created a way to use these books and still teach and practice standards from the Common Core. It's a book that students make using their own thumbprints for the pictures! My students absolutely loved doing this. The process was fun, and they adored their little books so much that they were eager to practice reading them.

I included lots of options when I created this. You can use one of my sentence starters, repeat it several times, and have a nice little emergent reader. Or you can vary the sentences on the page. Or you can have your students write their own sentences. I've included several different sentence starters, and there are corresponding pocket chart cards. And since differentiation is pretty much the most important thing ever, there is a list of ideas for differentiating this project! All you have to do is choose your options, make a few copies, and this literacy center is ready to go!


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