Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some awesome things ...

Okay, so maybe I didn't JUST find them. Some of these things I found years and years ago, and they've been making my days brighter and happier all along. It's just that now I feel the need to share.

Old Navy Dress

This is a bargain if you ask me! I bought one, loved it, and went back for a second. When I wear this dress to school with a long cardigan or a denim jacket, plus a colorful scarf, I giggle to myself all day... because I keep thinking that I'm wearing pajamas! It's that comfortable. I'm not what you'd call tall, so it's a long dress on my for sure. Long. Loooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggg. It hits right about at the top of my foot.

One of my precious little first graders said to me once, "Is that dress too big for you?"

And I answered, "Oh, no. It's just right!"

Highlighter Tape

If you don't have some of this in your classroom, run to Lakeshore. Or better yet, call them right now and have them ship it RUSH! I use this for all kinds of things, but mostly for highlighting  high frequency words, blends and digraphs, or chunks of words on shared reading charts. The kids love it!

When I ask, "Who sees the word 'them' in this poem?" they go nuts because they know that one of them will get to stick a piece of that tape over the word... and a million hands go up in the air. Okay, maybe it just seems like a million.

Mosaic of Thought

Mosaic of Thought, Second Edition: The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction Click on that title for a link to get a copy! I'm re-reading this for a book study group. It's such an excellent resource for teaching reading.


Well, they are the perfect thing to wear with my "pajama" dress...


This is the only variety I've found that is free of walnuts, which I affectionately call "death nuts." I'm allergic.

San Francisco

Last weekend, our family spend the day in San Francisco. We had such a great time that I think we're going back this weekend. It has been years since we've done some touristy things, and the kids all had a blast. It was a perfect San Francisco day... cold, windy, overcast. We bought sourdough and chocolate, walked around the wharf area and ate a delicious dinner. It felt like a mini-vacation, which is great since I'm on spring break but no one else is. And there will be no real vacationing.

Hand Sanitizer

I have two key chains. One for home and one for school. And I've been keeping one of these babies on my school key chain for months. I love my first graders, but they are filthy. No further explanation.


Yesterday I spotted this little item at Michael's. Actually, I've had my eye on in for what, years? It's always had that $39.99 pricetag, though, and I just couldn't convince myself.

But yesterday, it had a new price tag! CLEARANCE! $13.99!! Sold! Did I really need it? Probably not. But it's adorable and I'm going to use it at my reading table. It will hold writing tools and scissors and glue, yes... but also mini-pointers, post-its, fancy "reading glasses," etc. Can't wait to get it set up in my classroom!

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