Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Letters for Literacy

I love literacy activities! Among my favorites: Patricia Cunningham's Making Words lessons. I've been using her lessons and my own variations with my classes for years and years! They are SO great. I encourage students to help each other, look at the board and listen for help if they need it. Talk about simple, natural scaffolding for young children!

I decided long ago that I should make *cute* letters to use for this activity... and it's even more motivating for my students!

I just posted a set of "Big Letters" on my TPT site. They are also great for setting up your own version of classroom Boggle and for all kinds of independent literacy work. My students love to take a set of big letters and spread them out on the floor. They uses those letters to practice their word work in a big way! The size makes any word work or spelling activity more exciting!

And it's almost 2013! I've been enjoying some days at home with my family and hope you have, too. Of course, I can't quite tear myself completely away from school activities... I've been working on some thematic packets for the new year! I'll be sharing them soon!

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