Friday, September 14, 2012

Red Is Best Student Book

After reading Red Is Best, each student can make his or her own book about the color they think is best. My book?! Oh, I would have such a hard time deciding. Pink? Maybe. Blue? A definite possibility! You and your students can choose to make every page the same color, and use that color in the title. Or you could write "Rainbows" or "Colors" on the cover, and students can choose a different color for each page. All the students will need to do is write the color word and draw the object in that color! Then they can *read*read*read* and practice those high frequency words!

I left one page at the end completely blank. Every year I have a student who wants to write something really creative and unusual ("But which page says, 'I like my gray school best?' because I really, really do..."  or  "Where can I put my orange kitty? Because we have fifteen cats, but the orange one is my favorite!") So for those students who are thinking outside the box... a blank page for an original idea!

Red Is Best Student BookAnd for my own little book (just to celebrate Friday, which is always a fun day with students!) I like my blue jeans best! I like my navy flats best! I like my cute new multi-colored top from the Gap best!

I like my brown coffee best!

And there... everything I need, and I'm ready for another great day!


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