Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Get It At Target" Tuesday!


Look what I found in the dollar bins at Target! How cute are these?! Would you pay a dollar for them? Oh yes, you would, and I did, too! I knew the second I saw them that I would need to have them for the classroom! Who doesn't love this book?!

What? You wanna know what I'm going to do with them? Well...

First, I will gather all the copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar that I can find, and we will read, read, read! And then I will add some special activities to our word work area. If you see these darling little paper mache buckets, snag them quick! And stay tuned, I'll have the activities posted in a day or so.

And one more thing... If your Target doesn't have these, never fear! I sent a good friend to her Target, and she couldn't find them, either. Just grab some of the little, metal mini-buckets. I've got labels for you, and they can be taped to the side of any container.

Happy "Get It At Target" Tuesday!

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