Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Happy Beginning of the School Year!


Let's just kick off this blog with something you can use! I made these three pages for the first days of school and a little assessing! I repeat the activities with the same pages in January and again at the end of the year. First, I like to have a record of each student's writing of their name and a little self portrait. The changes throughout the year are so dramatic with our young students. Second, I ask students to write numbers in the squares. This is so informative! I usually have some who start with one (or zero!) and write numbers in order. But sometimes students just write random numbers in random boxes in random order. Or they color. No matter what they do, I learn lots about them in this quick assessment! And the last assessment is for writing. I ask for the alphabet first just to see where they are. At the bottom of the page is a small space to write words. At the beginning of the year, many students leave this blank. But at the end of the year, students end up turning their papers over and writing more words on the back!

I put a border of rectangles around the edge of each page. It's always interesting to see what the students do with that border. I usually offer students who finish quickly the option to color the border.


This is such an exciting time of year!

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